The 20 best photos from this year's London Comic-Con

Every year, thousands of cosplay fans descend upon London’s Comic-Con.

Last year, Comic-Con played host to over 95,000 people who travelled to Olympia, London, dressed as iconic fantasy, sci-fi, and movie characters.

This year, appearances were made by Spock, Darth Maul, The Mad Hatter, and many more in what is one of the biggest cosplay events in the world.

Check out the awesome photos below.

This man, dressed as one of the Star Wars fighter pilots, was one of more than 95,000 visitors to this year's Comic-Con in Olympia, London.

Some of the most iconic names in sci-fi were seen at London's Comic-Con. Even Spock managed to find some time away from the Starship Enterprise to make an appearance.

He was joined by countless other sci-fi stars, including this family of transformers...

... which came complete with a baby transformer.

This Jawa made the trip from Tatooine to London to attend the event.

While this Scottish Stormtrooper made the trip from the Imperial Army barracks.

Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was also there.

This reveller came back from the future to see what Comic-Con has to offer.

The cast of the original film also reunited at the event to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary.

Meanwhile, the comic world's finest were also in attendance. These Comic-Con goers came dressed as, from left-to-right, Batman's Harley Quinn, The Joker and Cat Woman.

However, there wasn't just one Harley Quinn.

In fact there were several.

Cosplay fan David Dafinone poses as an Arkham Enforcer from the Arkham franchise.

This cosplay fan is obviously a big admirer of the Mad Hatter from 'Alice in Wonderland.'

Dragonball Z's Goku also showed up in full on Super Saiyan mode.

People didn't just come dressed as movie and comic characters either. Here, Assassin Creed III's Connor stands alongside Maleficent.

This fan wins points for creativity as he poses as Manga character Tobi.

Fans work tirelessly to ensure their costumes are as close to the original thing as possible. This fan is dressed as the alien from 'Alien.'

While this Comic-Con goer looks as though he's come straight from the set of 'V For Vendetta.'

However, some outfits probably took less time to make than others, such as this 'Dark Wolf' outfit.

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