This Office Might Just Be Managing The Ads In The Next TV Show You Watch Online

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FreeWheel helps automate ad sales for video by figuring out what ads can be used on what content and how the money should be split by the various parties making money on the video display.A tool for video producers as well as sites that host and feature video, the company is the brainchild of DoubleClick alums, and works similar to DoubleClick’s DART system except for video.

We recently stopped by their Flatiron office to see how they do what they do.

Front door covered in logos.

Inside is a little waiting area.

With plenty of industry magazines.

And clocks for all the cities with FreeWheel offices.

There are some meeting rooms in use nearby. They are all named after places of interest in the different FreeWheel cities.

They are all about video and so they have a lot of cool entertainment posters on the wall. Some guys are taking a little break to play...

Darts! With a scoreboard.

Walking around to the back, here is a view of the main office area.

And some employees had gotten dressed up for the tour.

Scott Russ works in Client Support and doesn't wear his mask all the time. He has been with FreeWheel for about a year but only started the standing routine a couple weeks ago.

Oh yeah, there was more than one mask...

Dustin Reyes is a Sales Engineer working at FreeWheel for a year.

He got these little legos from a colleague.

But the NASA mug came from a project he did for NASA TV Stream when he was at Yahoo!

Nothing unusual here.

Oh wait, yes there is!

Zhang Xue (张雪) enjoys the office antics, a dynamic change of pace from the Beijing office where he has worked for FreeWheel for more than three years. He is here in New York as part of FreeWheel's rotation program.

This table includes Zhang's other colleagues from Beijing on this rotation round. They spend about 2 months in the US before heading back to Beijing.

Frans Vermeulen, Senior VP for Revenue and Strategy, receives an important communication.

He is the man behind FreeWheel's awesome Justin Bieber wall! And Vermeulen is a fan of Business Insider!

Also happens to be one of our favourite Complex covers!

And this is just ridiculous! For teeth as pearly white as Bieber's.

The man behind the front of it.

Nearby sits Mary-Kate O'Connell, Strategic Relationship Director.

O'Connell stole this (playfully) from the Silicon Valley office. The offices have a little tradition of always try to snag a small collectible when visiting.

She is also a pretty good shot! This is from a trip to the gun range in Atlanta. Those bullet holes are from the M-16 she was using!

Warm and subtle light fixtures.

And where does this hallway lead?

Distracted by delicious smells we enter the kitchen. The corn is a leftover from a company lunch - weekly lunches for weekly office-wide meetings.

A few options for coffee and drinks.

Respectful of allergies.

And well stocked.

Nice fridge.

And nicely filled.

Back down the hall it ends at a big conference room.

This room is named Empire State Building. But from this angle another name is coming to mind...

Back in the office it is all work.

Our favourite room name.

Aha! The masks!

A great way to get your stuff touched when you are out of the office.

Too bad he wasn't in because he had this awesome jacket.

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