PICTURES: Watch People Around The World Go Cricket Crazy

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Remember the opening sequence of Slumdog Millionaire where the kids take to the runway and start playing cricket before being chased off by policemen? Well that wasn’t a huge stretch of the imagination.Its fairly common to see people across the subcontinent grab any empty stretch of land, to play a game of cricket.

1 billion viewers reportedly tuned in to watch the India-Pakistan semi-final. Traders in Mumbai and Karachi stopped work early to go watch the game, fans prayed to their deities, and the two countries perhaps took a few important diplomatic steps.

Now, Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani has spent over $1 million on tickets to the final between Sri Lanka and India on Saturday. Tickets are going as high as $10,000. Click on to see photos of the cricket crazy subcontinent.

SRI LANKA: Cricket is a religion in the Indian subcontinent, Here boys play cricket in a neighbourhood stairway in Colombo

SRI LANKA: It's common to see locals use empty stretches of land as makeshift fields. This can range from fields to main roads. Here residents of Kimbulla Ela, a poor Colombo neighbourhood known for drug trafficking, play cricket in a by-lane

PAKISTAN: Students at a madarassa (religious school) take a break to play their favourite sport

BANGLADESH: And cricket isn't just for boys either, a young girl gives batting a go

INDIA: Hindu priests dress an idol of Goddess Bhadrakali in the Indian cricket team jersey, to wish the team victory ahead of the ICC World Cup cricket final

INDIA: Sadhus (Hindu holy men) wear cricket posters as they pray for the Indian team

INDIA: Fans take to the street in Ahmedabad to celebrate the country's win against Pakistan

PAKISTAN: Fans have hair cuts representing their flag and the world cup trophy

INDIA: India-Pakistan matches draw some of the biggest crowds and have sometimes helped diplomatic talks between the nations

PAKISTAN: An Indian prisoner watches the live broadcast of the Pakistan-India cricket match at Karachi central jail

PAKISTAN: A fan reacts to the dismissal of Pakistan's captain Shahid Afridi

INDIA: Cricket often inspires violence in the region. An Indian policeman baton charges a fan queuing to buy tickets for a World Cup match between India and South Africa

INDIA: So the next time you tour the subcontinent and see cricket played everywhere, don't be surprised

Here are some scandals that have rocked the cricket world...

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