As if Lend Lease’s Barangaroo construction site in Sydney didn’t have enough problems: at least six fire crews have reportedly been dispatched to deal with a large fire burning at the site.

Image: Kieren Ash

The Barangaroo fire blanketed Sydney with thick smoke soon after it started, reportedly in the basement of one of the buildings.

Barangaroo is one of Australia’s most high-profile construction sites, run by ASX-listed Lend Lease.

Hundreds of staff from local offices including KPMG are being evacuated due to fears that the crane could collapse.

The site is just south of the Harbour Bridge, a critical artery in Sydney’s traffic network. Traffic heading towards the city is practically at a standstill and motorists heading to the north of the city are being asked to use the Anzac Bridge for the commute home.

Photos from social media show the grim scene as a a crane on the site catches fire.

Follow along with live updates below:

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