PHOTOS: Check Out Facebook's Ever-Changing Headquarters

Facebook CampusHack the office.

Photo: Owen Thomas, Business Insider

It’s been just over a year since Facebook employees moved into their new home in Menlo Park, Calif., trading digs near Stanford University for a cluster of buildings close to the San Francisco Bay.But the move was just the beginning. Amidst the billion-dollar Instagram deal, the tumultuous IPO, and other momentous events, Facebook has been ceaselessly revamping the former Sun Microsystems campus to make it the ideal space—including letting employees hack their offices with artwork, graffiti walls, and ever-changing workspaces.

On the day CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a provocative and controversial new feature, Graph Search, we toured the campus to see new cafés, freshly occupied buildings, and other changes.

Facebook may never be done. On Tuesday, the city of Menlo Park is holding a hearing on a new West Campus for Facebook across an expressway from the current site. If approved, 2,800 employees will eventually occupy a single building designed by Frank Gehry.

Here we are, at the corner of Willow Road and Hacker Way. (It used to be Network Circle.)

The campus has a raw, rough-and-ready feel. Facebook has changed the sign out front twice in recent months—from the original Like button, to the icon for its new Poke app, to the symbol for Graph Search.

The campus is next to wetlands that feature wildlife habitat and jogging trails.

Here's our guide, Facebook spokesperson Slater Tow.

Let's start where new Facebook employees do. This room is used for training and orientation. The Steelcase RoomWizard touchscreen shows when it's booked.

There are photos of Facebook's past offices—including the infamous rented house at La Jennifer Way which featured a zip line over the pool.

Facebook's Austin office sent this guitar to headquarters.

Facebook has replaced profile pages' Walls with the newer Timeline design—but you can still write on the Facebook Wall on campus.

Self-expression is a core value.

When Facebook took over the former Sun buildings, it adopted a rough, unfinished look including exposed ducts and wiring.

No industrial carpeting here—the polished concrete floors are meant to be evocative of the unfinished loft buildings that house startups in San Francisco, 30 miles to the north.

Plywood is another feature of the unfinished look—ideal for posting slogans like this one.

Even oldtimers sometimes need to consult the touchscreen maps, since interior spaces get periodically rearranged.

The art is ever-changing ...

... in fact, this one still isn't finished.

Here's a variant of Facebook's famous Poke icon. We spotted it in a couple of places.

colours vary, too.

The workspaces are hardly uniform. There are Macs and Dells, sitting and standing desks.

This semi-private meeting space was an experiment—the conventional meeting rooms seem more popular.

There are microkitchens in most buildings, stocked with snacks, coffee, and other beverages.

Beer pong is a tradition that dates back to Facebook's college days. There's now a big companywide tournament.

There's lots of room for bicycles.

And if your bike breaks, you can get it tuned up at The Hub.

You can also find shuttle-bus schedules and commute advice here.

The Lava Room, an IT-services shop, opened in October.

But if you just need a charger cable or other gear, there's a vending machine.

Facebook's buildings surround an interior courtyard, Hacker Square. This talented juggler is out here most days.

It's a good place to fly a drone, too.

Under the Hacker sign, on the ground floor, is CEO Mark Zuckerberg's glass-walled office. It's easy to see if the boss is in.

These garage doors roll up, allowing product teams assembled in temporary war rooms to spill out into the courtyard.

The feel is more of an urban street. There's even a bank branch.

Philz Coffee, a relatively new chain which started in San Francisco 10 years ago, is popular on campus.

At Philz, employees can pay with the Square app. (Coffee drinks are discounted, but not free.)

The Burger Shack is a new addition to dining options.


Burritos and nachos are another culinary addition. (There are also healthy options, like tossed-to-order salads.)

There are other perks, like laundry and drycleaning service from PurpleTie.

Employees can put their own slogans here. They're meant to write at the level of their own height, but there are clearly some rule-breakers here.

Here's Facebook's university-recruiting department.

They ring a gong when they make a hire.

There's an old-school video-game arcade ...

... with a shark hanging from the ceiling. Because sharks.

Another way to connect with coworkers: classic board games.

The campus store has logo wear ...

... and also drugstore sundries.

The aim is to fill in all the blank walls. It's a reminder of how much work the company itself has ahead of it.

Time to head out.

Peace out!

Eventually, this tunnel will connect Facebook's main campus with the Campus West project.

Here's the Campus West site.

That's just the beginning ...

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