Why You Should Take Your Next Vacation In Egypt [PHOTOS]

Cloth Market Cairo

I’m leaving Cairo today after spending just over a week doing everything I could to understand the city and the people who live here. There’s been drama, eye-opening experiences, and more than once when, “Wow,” slipped from my lips unexpected.

Yes, the revolution hasn’t worked out as well as many hoped — in fact things are pretty bad — but that disappointment lends an atmosphere of community and teamwork like I’ve seen few places before.

Despite political concerns, the people here miss their tourists desperately. This is Egypt, after all, where pyramids, ancient mosques, and unimaginable lifestyles make for a destination unlike anywhere in the world.

It’s beautiful too, as you’ll see in a few examples of what I saw here.

Visit Egypt to see the pyramids

The Sphinx

The quiet

The practical made winsome

The hot chic pea drink sold from these carts, enjoyed over the water as the boats slip by

The bicycles that seem held together by gumption and need

Al-Refa'i mosque

The Al-Ansra Mosque

The bravery: Waffa al-Badry is a female journalists who risks reporting in Tahrir Square and faces off with a government that is getting accustomed to locking people up who say things it does not like

Old Cairo and its amazing array of goods

The lights of the boats reflected off the Nile after the sun goes down

Glimpses of almost unimaginable lives. This is part of a community of dwellings built into the side of a hill aside a major thoroughfare.

The shopping

The unassuming beauty that greets you nearly every time you turn around

colour and life in the most unexpected places

My translator Walid. Without this guy, I couldn't have done half what I did here. He had my back when I needed it, followed me places he knew he'd have to talk us out of, and took care of my gear that costs maybe twice an annual salary here, as if it were his own

Now meet the Muslim family who invited me for Easter dinner >

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