Creepy Pictures From The Hidden 5th Floor Of A North Korean Hotel

North KoreaGet revenge a thousand hundred times against the Americans.

Photo: The Monsoon Diaries

The tallest occupied building in North Korea, the Yanggakdo Hotel, towers over Pyonghang, harboring a secret.The fifth floor is missing from the elevator panel, and while it can be accessed by stairs, it’s off-limits to hotel guests.

The restriction didn’t keep Calvin Sun from venturing into the forbidden floor with the video camera he smuggled through customs. “I had a FlipHD and told them it was my 2nd music player. It worked,” he wrote on his travel blog Monsoon Diaries.

Over four trips during his two-night stay, Sun and his companions found their way to the fifth floor and posted what they found.

The unlisted level is likely a communications compound where Party members monitor hotel rooms via video and phone taps, but alternate theories abound.

40-seven floors with a revolving restaurant

The Yanggakdo Hotel has a secret accessible only by stairs

The 5th floor of the hotel is a concrete bunker

With locked steel doors and unsettling propoganda

This one says Our General is the best

This one: We miss our Father, the General

The 21st century is the age of information (communications) industry

Let's prepare thoroughly in order to defeat the invaders. The Japanese invaders slaughtered innocent, law-abiding citizens. 1,000,000 slaughtered/killed; 6,000,000 forced arrests; 2,000,000 sex slaves

And the creepiest: This bomb is the product of the Americans. Every product of the Americans is our enemy. Get revenge a thousand hundred times against the Americans

BONUS: Outside the fifth floor the view from the hotel is constantly shrouded in fog

BONUS: And the only colour comes from the propoganda posters

The government does allow photographers to document North Korean life

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