PHOTOS: Crazy Lines In New York For The iPad 3

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

The iPad 3 came out this morning and everyone is very excited. So excited that they are waiting hours on line just to get it!Here are some photos from the crazy scenes in New York at the Grand Central and 59th St. Apple Stores.

At Grand Central the line starts here.

And goes on for a while.

This guy already has an iPad, but maybe he needs a new one.

These ladies are really excited about getting the new iPad. The cards are your reservation number and let you get in the store.

This guy just wanted to get in the store.

The line winds through the whole store.

At the 59th St. store the line takes up one half of the square.

Media is on hand to document the insanity

Protesters show up to make everyone feel bad

The people are penned off to keep civilians safe

The coffee set up ...

Free coffee to stay warm!

Total score. She's keeping an eye on the crazies in line to make sure they don't try stealing her iPad.

Getting closer and closer

The winding line goes on and on ...

Not the nicest day to be waiting for an iPad

Documenting the insanity

High fives!

More high fives!


Want to see more pictures from the Apple Store?

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