Here Are The Craziest Soccer Fans We've Seen This Week At Euro 2012

Euro 2012

Photo: ESPN

The second-biggest soccer tournament in the world, Euro 2012, has now concluding their group-play matches with the the eight quarterfinal spots now spoken for.While the action on the pitch is always exciting, the supporters in the stands are often just as entertaining.

On the next few pages we will take a look at some of the craziest soccer fans that we saw this weekend.

These English fans had trouble keeping their whiskers in check

This guy looks like a blue and white Oompa-Loompa

These Greek fans take their heritage seriously

And this fan went even further with the '300' tattoo

And well, this gives new meaning to the phrase 'Going Dutch'

Is this a Croatian-American that made the trip to Europe?

Lots of supporters paint their faces, but few paint their entire head like a soccer ball

Bonus points for the matching sideburns and goatee

Is this French fan channeling the French and Indian War?

The flowers say calm and peaceful, but the face says %&#@%!!

Croatia hat with clown glasses with haunt your dreams

Here comes the rooster

In Greece, can't blame the fans for living in the past

This Russian fan was actually dancing with this face

The Greek Cat in the Hat

Ornamental headwear for this Russian supporter


Is that an evil Teletubby?

These German fans were sparkly

Hats are still wildly popular...

And the crazier the better

Somebody caught this fan's fancy

Leprechauns are real!

Unfortunately, these outfits never seem to work as well with sad faces

Now check out the crazy outfits that some NBA players have worn recently

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