17 photos of coronavirus-themed street art from around the world that show we are all in this together

OLI SCARFF / GettyGraffiti in England.
  • All over the world, street artists are showing how countries are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
  • In England, artists are honouring the National Health Service with their street art.
  • Face masks, toilet paper, and the coronavirus particle are all common themes in the street art, while some works are giving advice on how to stay healthy.
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As the coronavirus continues to affect communities in every corner of the globe, street artists are creating works that give advice and messages of support.

In cities like New Orleans, Madrid, Berlin, and Hong Kong, walls are covered in colourful street art that depicts how countries are dealing with this pandemic.

Keep scrolling to see what artists are creating in their cities.

Street artist Bandit made this mural in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward to honour the nurses fighting coronavirus.

Street art in New Orleans.

On the far end of the wall, it reads, “Our Nurses, Our Saints,” which is the title of the piece.

Bandit also created this piece of art in New Orleans.

Street art in New Orleans.

It shows two children throwing toilet paper in the air to make a heart. Toilet paper is a common theme these days, as people are stockpiling the item for quarantine.

In Los Angeles, this bright street art boldly tells people to stay home to stop the spread of the virus.

Graffiti in Los Angeles.

The second message is even more powerful, reading “Life is beautiful.”

In England, an overpass has been painted to give thanks to the National Health Service.

Graffiti in England.

This graffiti can be spotted over the M25 motorway at the Chalfont Viaduct.

Appreciation for the NHS is a common theme in street art across the country.

Street art in England.

This street art is on the gates of a closed pub in the northern England town of Pontefract.

In this street art, the “s” of NHS was turned into the Superman logo.

Street art in England.

This street art is also found in Pontefract.

Other artists in England took a symbolic approach in their coronavirus art.

Street art in England.

This graffiti shows a man weighed down by a virus particle like it’s a ball and chain.

People in Northern Ireland took a more simplistic approach to their graffiti.

Graffiti in Belfast.

This picture was taken in East Belfast.

An artist created a romantic piece of art on the walls of Scotland.

Street art in Scotland.

The artist known as Rebel Bear created this on Bank Street in Glasgow.

In Italy, someone spray-painted the Mona Lisa with a mask over her face.

Street art in Italy.

Found in Catania, Italy, the art reads, “#Catanianonsiferma,” which means “Catania does not stop.”

Meanwhile, an artist in Germany painted Gollum worshipping a roll of toilet paper.

Street art in Germany.

The artist, Eme Freethinker, included a speech bubble, which reads, “My darling.”

In Berlin, there’s street art that depicts a woman wearing a face mask.

Street art in Germany.

Beside the woman, is a depiction of a coronavirus particle.

Street art found in Spain shows the Virgin Mary wearing a face mask.

Street art in Spain.

This art was found in Madrid.

In India, artists created a monstrous version of the coronavirus.

Street art in India.

This street art can be found at a traffic junction in Bangalore, India.

Hong Kong also has street art with coronavirus themes.

Street art in Hong Kong.

This piece of art depicts a man wearing a face mask.

Similarly, people in Gaza City are painting walls with face masks.

Street art in Gaza City.

In this street art, you can see the Earth wearing a face mask with the words “stay home” underneath.

In Senegal, street artists use their work to raise awareness about hygienic practices during the pandemic.

Street art in Senegal.

The RBS Crew collective created this image on the walls of Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal. It advises, “In the absence of a handkerchief, cough and sneeze into the crook of the elbow.”

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