Check Out The Amazing Scene At The 2012 Dubai Boat Show

Dubai Boat Show

Photo: Courtesy Christopher Queitsch,

The 2012 Dubai Boat Show is currently going on and bringing in some of the largest and most exotic yachts from around the world.While we couldn’t attend in person, our good friend Christopher Queitsch at Carstalker was in the area to bring us some coverage of the scene on the ground.

Like any boat show, the selections range from the mundane to the insane. Small skiffs are juxtaposed with some of the largest yachts ever built. There are some amazing designs as well as some of the latest innovations in the yachting industry.

And even though the yachts look good during the day, they are absolutely sublime by night.

Outside the show, some very cool yachts are pulling up.

This is 'Dubai,' the second largest yacht in the world. Looks like she is just staking out the scene.

Every single area of the show is you would expect.

Just look at how they light up the night.

The view from this ship looks to be fantastic.

The blue glow off this one was especially cool.

The lighting can make any ship look epic.

This yacht looks like a fine place to spend some time.

Yachts as far as the eye can see.

The name of this yacht is illuminated, just so you can always know what you're looking at.

We really like the under water lighting that these yachts are featuring.

That's 'Dubai' lit up in the night. It looks more like a small town in the distance.

You can also get on the yachts at the show to experience the luxury first hand.

This stateroom looks like a cozy place to spend some time.

We are always amazed by the dining and sitting areas on yachts. They are just so luxurious.

The bridge on this ship looks fairly spartan and modern.

Teak decking never gets old.

At first glance, we thought this scale model was a real yacht. Great attention to detail.

This is definitely paradise for yachtsmen.

And a good place to go if you need a small hovercraft.

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