First Photos Of BlackBerry's Two New Smartphones, The Z10 And Q10

Photo: Kevin Smith/Business Insider

Today Blackberry unveiled its two latest smartphones, the Z10 and Q10.The devices are a huge leap forward for the struggling company.

The Z10 is a 4.2-inch touchscreen phone and the Q10 has a smaller touchscreen with a classic physical keyboard.

The Z10 will launch in the U.S. in mid-March and pricing will vary by carrier.

We spent some time with both phones at BlackBerry’s big launch event today. Hit the gallery below to take a look.

Before the BlackBerry rep showed us the new phone he gave it a quick wipe down.

To unlock the Z10 you simply swipe up, there are no buttons to press.

The screen is really bright!

The phone feels nice in your hands. The back is a rubbery material. The screen is slightly bigger than the iPhone 5, but overall the device is noticeably thicker.

Volume buttons are on the right side of the device.

And on the left is a micro-USB charging port and micro-HDMI out.

Power button, headphone jack, and noise-cancelling mic on the top of the device.

Here's the phone app.

This is the BlackBerry Hub. It's a notification centre that stores new emails, calendar appointments, Facebook messages, etc.

Multi-tasking felt right. It was ridiculously simple to switch between apps.

The demo phones were pre-loaded with Alicia Keys' latest album. Alicia Keys now works for BlackBerry as the Global Creative Director.

The Story Maker app lets you stitch together photos and videos to make short presentations.

BBM sports a redesigned look and feel.

You can now video chat using BBM and share your screen with other BlackBerrys.

The predictive text was pretty amazing and was able to guess exactly what we were trying to type. It was very easy to type with one hand.

BlackBerry had a few options for accessories, including snap-on cases, covers, and the ever-popular belt clip.

The Q10 is the new BlackBerry phone that has a keyboard. It Didn't feel big at all despite being larger than previous versions.

The back of the device is made from a glass weave material, which we were told is stronger than carbon fibre.

Here's a view of it from the left side.

And the volume and power buttons on the right side.

Next we headed over to see the Q10. Sorry for the dark photo, but this is how the new Q10 (left) compares to the older Blackberry Bold 9000 (right).

The Q10's keyboard is bigger than previous Blackberry's and it provides a better grip.

The screen is 3.1 inches and has a 720 x 720 resolution.

The camera looked pretty good.

We really like the built-in image editor, which allows users to choose the best portion of a photo.

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