PHOTOS: A Harry Potter Wedding Where The Guests Were Seated By Sorting Hat

harry potter wedding 21

Photo: Geoff White Photographers

Christine and Andrew met in a Harry Potter chat room, so when they finally decided to get married they just had to keep the HP spirit alive.What better way to do so than to throw a Harry Potter-themed wedding?

Check out these pictures from the Bay Area’s Geoff Photographers of the happy couple’s big day. We wonder — were the groom’s glasses worn for added for effect? (If so, where’s the scar?!)

Evidently they are not the only couple with this magic idea. Check out Bridal Guide to see another couple who threw their wedding in Hogwarts fashion.

The invitations were delivered by owl.

And a sorting hat helped guests find their seats.

Everyone got a wand and was assigned to a house.

Sparks flew between the bride and groom.

Clearly, magic was in the air.

Even the appetizers sparkled.

A radiant bride and groom walked down the aisle.

Guests stepped through platform 9 3/4 on their way to the reception.

The couple chose not to take the thestrals.

Guests were seated according to house

While the couple took a stroll through the Forbidden Forest.

The gathering was muggle-friendly.

Lots of magical decor

The guests dined in the Great Hall, of course.

A phoenix feather, perhaps?

More magical mysteries.

Didn't anyone tell them not to duel in the dining room?

A salute to the bride and groom

Before the ball commenced!

Want to see another fairy tale wedding?

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