PHOTOS: Bales of hay turned into Grouch, Yoda and Pig the pug

The winner.

The town of Tarrington in southwest Victoria holds a Laternenfest, celebrating the region’s German history, each year.

And part of that celebration by the town of 200 is an art contest, creating scenes and characters from bales of hay.

This year there were 35 entrants in the Tarrington Haybale Art Competition. Here’s a selection:

Oscar the Grouch

Tarrington Fire Truck


Santa’s Fireplace

Christmas chimney.

Pig the pug

And the winners are:

  • Best Novelty – Oscar the Grouch
  • Best Creature – Fox
  • Best Recycled – Tarrington Fire Truck 3
  • Best Character – Pig the pug
  • Best Christmas-Laternenfest – Santa’s Fireplace
  • Overall Winner – Yoda
  • Spectator People’s Choice – Santa’s Fireplace

Hay bales stay out on display until just after Christmas.

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