PHOTOS: Australia's east coast is being thrashed by crazy weather

Fallen branches from strong winds cover the pavement at Manly Beach on June 4, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images.

Australia’s eastern seaboard has been thrashed with strong winds and rain this weekend as the east coast low pressure system moves south.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe weather warning early this morning saying that the low would reach south of Sydney on Sunday afternoon and south coast by late afternoon.

The New South Wales State Emergency Service has already received 3,000 calls for assistance as the weather continues to cause flash flooding, fallen trees and broken power lines.

More than 500 homes and properties have also been evacuated on the NSW north coast, especially those in low-lying regions, with many spending the night in evacuation centres.

Wind gusts could reach 125 km/h with expected rainfall of up to 200 mm today, according to the BOM.

Hundred of volunteers from the NSW Rural Fire Service assisted with recovery at scenes of damage on Saturday night with Ausgrid working to restore power to 4,000 homes.

The BOM warned earlier on Friday that the developing east coast low would seriously affect eastern Australia including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania this weekend and into early next week.

The wild weather follows Australia’s warmest autumn on record which saw record temperatures throughout eastern and northern Australia.

People have also been warned to move their cars away from trees, keep clear of creeks and storm drains and not to drive through flood water.

Sydney Airport has also issued a statement saying that the wild weather will mean that will only one runway will be used today. Those travelling to airport have been advised to leave early with heavy eastbound traffic approaching the international terminal.

As wild weather continues, we’re likely to be on single runway ops for most of the day (1/2

Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of the wild weather that has hit NSW this weekend.

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