PHOTOS: Australian women have paid tribute to Stephanie Scott by hanging their wedding dresses

Women across Australia have paid tribute to murdered 26-year-old Stephanie Scott by hanging their wedding dresses and posting photos to social media with the hashtag #putyourdressout.

Scott, who was last seen at work at Leeton High School on Easter Sunday, had been planning to marry her partner of five years, Aaron Leeson-Woolley, yesterday.

Her body was recovered by police on Friday. Vincent Stanford, a 24-year-old school cleaner, has been charged with Scott’s murder.

Along with the photos of their dresses, women from across the country have written their condolences of the Scott family and their anger at the senseless act of her murder.

Here are just some of them.

#putyourdressout RIP Stephanie Scott

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you story has touch so many, rip Stephanie #putyourdressoutforstephanie #putyourdressout may your loved ones remember Your beautiful Smile.

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Thinking of the family of Stephanie Scott #putyourdressout #rememberstephanie

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My heart goes out to her fiancé and family #ripstephaniescott #putyourdressout #putyourdressoutforstephanie

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For Stephanie #rip #putyourdressout

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Brides who got married yesterday also showed their support by wearing a touch of yellow for Scott, who would have shared their wedding date.

Sammie's special day, honouring Stephanie Scott… #samanddan2015 #wedding #ripstephaniescott #stephaniescott

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#wearatouchofyellow #putoutyourdress #rememberstephanie #stephaniescott

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Yesterday “Today” co-host Lisa Wilkinson posted a photo to her Instagram account encourage people to wear yellow to remember Scott.

She wrote:

Tomorrow should have been the happiest day of bride-to-be Stephanie Scott’s life as she walked down the aisle to her childhood sweetheart Aaron and the life they had planned together. Instead, she is out there, somewhere, tonight while her heartbroken fiancé and family plan for her eventual funeral.
If you’re getting married tomorrow or simply attending a wedding as a guest, why not wear a touch of yellow in memory of Stephanie. And if you can, spread the word… It’s the very least this beautiful, committed young teacher deserved.

Friends and family of Scott yesterday gathered for a memorial picnic in her hometown of Leeton, where her father, Robert Scott, made a heart-breaking speech about his daughter.

“Thanks very much to the people from Leeton and everywhere else today for coming up to this park… it’s been most helpful in helping us to have some degree of closure on her life.

“Unfortunately she was taken away from us for a short time but now we’ve got her back and we’ll restore her dignity.

“Stephanie was a bubbly, bright, witty, intelligent, fun-loving girl and a young woman who obviously has impacted on many people here today.

“Our wishes for the future are that that will continue in your minds, [that] you remember her as the girl she was and I’m sure, wherever she is now, she would wish that to be the case.”

Scott’s sister Kim has posted the poem she had written for the couple’s wedding day on Facebook.

The post which starts with: “To my dearest Stephanie and Aaron on your wedding day. This is for you,” has shared by more than 13,500 Facebook users.

Here it is.

On this Your Special Day…

My little sister,
Stephanie Clare Scott,
Is now a wedded wife,
Believe it or not.
Aaron Leeson Woolley,
The luckiest man,
Is a welcomed honorary member
To the prestigious Scott clan.
They met in Canowindra,
Young and sweet.
Flirting at IGA,
Between the creamy pasta salad and cold meat.
They shared car journeys,
Along with dad, Stuie and me.
There were sparks a-flying,
Any blind dick could see.
Twilight soccer
Was where it was at.
Cowra played host,
The competition was phat.
Stephanie and Aaron,
Made a good team.
A match made in heaven,
So it would seem.
The car journeys home,
Saw dad raise his voice.
Critiquing and replaying the game,
Listening, the only choice.
And so Aaron listened,
And listened some more.
Realising then and there,
He had to be sure.
Liking a teachers daughter,
Was no small thing.
But playing soccer with her dad,
You’ve got to be kidding?
I admired his bravery,
His persistence and class.
Challenging dad and occasionally,
Making him seem like an…awesome father.
And so the relationship began,
There were smiles from ear to ear.
Days turned to months,
And months turned to a year.
Stephanie was in Wagga,
And Aaron back home.
The dreaded long distance,
Trusting the unknown.
They travelled back and forth,
And somehow made it work.
Although not always perfect,
They knew what love was worth.
Long summers together,
Although they went too fast.
It was becoming clear to all,
This relationship would last.
Stephanie graduated,
And settled out west.
Aaron followed suit,
He knew what felt best.
They made a home,
Comfy and content.
Now settled and happy,
Off to work they went.
Stephanie a teacher,
Aaron cutting meat.
Their life in Leeton,
Was beginning to feel complete.
Away to Thailand,
Adventures far and wide.
Aaron had a plan,
He was after a bride.
Time for dinner,
And Aaron played it cool.
Making several trips to the bathroom,
Dropping the kids off at the pool…
Or was he? That tricker!
That sneaky little thing!
He got down on one knee,
And pulled out a ring.
Stephanie couldn’t believe it,
Such a shock, a surprise!
The happiest moment,
Looking into his eyes.
Of course she said yes,
As we’re all here today.
Celebrating this couple,
On their beautiful wedding day.
They make each other smile,
They can fill a room with love.
Joking and laughing,
They fit each other like a glove.
We couldn’t be happier,
It’s a dream come true.
To watch your sister find happiness,
And to say ‘I do’.
You’re beautiful people,
When you stand alone.
Together you’re strong,
You set the tone.
I wish you all the happiness,
For the many years to come.
May you fill each other with joy,
And never be glum.
I’m sure you’d all agree,
That their bond is unique.
Special and happy,
Their love is what we seek.
Congratulations to you both,
Now friends and family,
Please join me in a toast,
To Aaron and Stephanie.

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