PHOTOS: Australia is getting its first 'capsule hotel'

The reception. Photo: Supplied.

Australia is getting its first capsule hotel at the site of Sydney’s Bar Century.

The iconic dive bar above Hungry Jack’s on George St, known for its $4 beers, closed earlier this year after the tenant’s lease was up.

Taking its place will be “The Capsule Hotel” spanning three floors including a bar, lounge area and electronic gaming room.

The main target of the hotel will be solo travelers rather than backpackers and students, the crowd it was previously known for attracting.

The capsules will range from $40 to $60 with single capsules, 120cm wide, and deluxe, 160cm wide.

“Some of the more expensive backpacker hostels will have similar pricing to us, but really the capsules are pitched at the solo traveler that might have outgrown the backpacker hostel, prefers some privacy and peace and quiet, but doesn’t yet have the means to splash out on a hotel room,” says Chris Wilks of Giant Design, who will be designing the space.

“The design aesthetic of the space will also appeal to a certain clientele, perhaps a bit more design savvy, creative types, interstate work visitors etc.”

The capsules come in single or deluxe. Photo: Supplied.

“The common areas and capsule rooms themselves take their inspiration from the building, that being an interwar art deco period aesthetic,” says Wilks.

“There are some nice features still in situ that we have retained and all the new elements are sympathetic to this style, but with contemporary details and finishes that combine to create a boutique design hotel feel.”

Capsule hotels can already been seen in cities such as London, New York and Tokyo but Wilks says there hasn’t been a need for them in Australia until now.

“We’ve always had the space available for full size hotel rooms. But just as the growth in real estate prices have made our capital city housing supply beyond the reach of many, so too have hotel prices edged up in the inner city, opening up a market for something in between a hostel and a hotel proper.

“The only alternative to more expensive hotel rooms are smaller rooms and more of them!”

Here are some concept images of what the capsule hotel will look like:

The Capsule Hotel be built at the site of Bar Century, one of Sydney's most iconic bars on George St.

Photo: Supplied.

The hotel will offer three levels of luxury capsule accommodation and is being pitched at solo travelers who want a designer hotel experience but don't want to splash out too much money.

Photo: Supplied.

Inside, guests can find a self-catering kitchen, breakfast bar and rooftop terrace.

Photo: Supplied.

The pods come in single and deluxe versions with each containing an LED screen, entertainment system, wifi and 'mood lighting'.

Photo: Supplied.

There is also a bar spanning two levels, as well as night club and gaming facilities.

Photo: Supplied.

It is scheduled to open mid-November.

Photo: Supplied.

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