These Pictures Taken From The Tops Of New York City's Skyscrapers Will Give You Vertigo

New Yorkers who commute through the Bowling Green Station in Manhattan have some heart-racing new photographs to look at.

Seven large-scale images shot by photographer Navid Baraty of Manhattan streets are now on display at the downtown NYC subway station. The exhibit is the latest installation from the MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design, curates art exhibitions within New York’s public transportation system four times a year.

The photos are from the engineer-turned-photographer’s series “Intersection,” a collection of 25 photographs shot from above that he has been working on for the past two years since moving to New York.

In case you thought Baraty was a helicopter pilot or window washer, all the photographs were created by him fearlessly leaning over the edges of skyscraper rooftops.

“I started the ‘Intersection’ series in NYC as a way to really showcase the heart of the city,” Baraty told Business Insider. “After seeing countless skyline photos of NYC, I found that the real life of the city can best be captured by pointing the lens straight down from high above.”

The MTA found his work online, and contacted Baraty to ask if they could show his work at the station. The photographer happily acquiesced.

“You feel the energy and flow of the city — the constant stream of yellow taxis lining the avenues, the waves of pedestrians hurriedly crossing at the change of traffic signals, little figures disappearing into the subway stations, the chorus of honking horns and sirens,” Barty said of his work.

The photographer also says he enjoys returning to the rooftops at night: “The feeling of the city from above completely changes from daytime through twilight and into darkness.”

You can see even more of the amazing images over at Navid Baraty’s website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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