PHOTOS: An extremely rare baby albino turtle was spotted in Queensland

Meet Alby. Can you see him? Photo: Coolum District Coast Care Group/ Facebook.

An “extremely rare” baby albino green turtle was found on Castaways Beach on the Sunshine Coast this week.

The hatchling, named “Alby”, was found by environmental volunteer group Coolum and North Shore Coast Care.

Alby was the first albino green turtle the organisation has come across in nine years of turtle monitoring. Albino green turtles constitute only one in several hundred thousand hatchlings to survive.

“Alby was the straggler in the nest, with his siblings having hatched on Friday evening when no-one was watching. Our volunteers found him just under the sand when collecting the data from the hatched nest,” the Coolum Coast Care Group posted on their Facebook page.

“[He] was one of 122 hatchlings that are making the journey from the Castaways nest to the continental shelf. May the oceans be kind to this unique little green turtle!”

Albino turtles are extremely rare – only one is born for many hundreds of thousands of eggs that are laid.

Threatened species scientist, Dr Col Limpus told the ABC he was shocked at the sighting because the survival rate of the unique animal is so low.

“Normally they don’t survive coming out of the nest and when they do they’re abnormal and not well suited to the environment, which means the chance of survival is very slim,” he said.

Usually, a normal Green turtle will live to be 80-100 years old.

Or in Crush’s case — from Finding Nemo — “Hundred and fifty, and still young, dude.”

Here are some more photo of Alby from Instagram.

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