PHOTOS: Amazon has opened a giant new office in London

Amazon HQ LondonAmazonThe Principal Place building on the fringe of Shoreditch is now occupied by Amazon.

Amazon has opened a new UK headquarters in London to support its growth in the country.

The Principal Place building, based on the fringes of Shoreditch and the City of London, boasts 15 storeys and 600,000 sq ft.

It’s unclear how many staff the office will be able to accommodate but an Amazon webpage that was amended over the weekend suggested it could house 5,000 staff. Amazon now says that it employs 5,000 staff across all three of its London offices.

Amazon said in a press release on Tuesday that it “celebrates the industrial heritage and rich culture of Shoreditch,” adding that it will have a rotating selection of art provided by local artists.

The architects’ initial plans for the building suggested that it would have a basketball court, a tennis court, and a swimming pool but a source with knowledge of the building said none of these have come to fruition.

Amazon’s office opening comes less than a day after Deliveroo revealed its new office on the River Thames.

Amazon describes the new office as 'light and airy'.


The reception area is well-lit with with dozens of bulbs.


It comes with a wide range of seating options for staff.


There are several caf├ęs and restaurants scattered throughout, as well as other kitchen facilities.


The office also includes adjustable sitting/standing desks for all employees.


Amazon was initially only planning to take 431,000 sq ft of the 600,000 sq ft building.


However, Amazon announced on Tuesday that it decided to take the whole building in order to accommodate its aggressive growth in the UK.


There are two outdoor spaces featuring a variety of trees and plants.


The initial architects' sketches included a tennis court, a basketball court, and a swimming pool.

The architects released several other images of the Amazon building back in 2014.

Amazon employees might use the roof terraces to discuss future projects, such as its delivery drone.

The roof terrace will offer Amazon staff and guests spectacular views over London.

The office is located on Norton Folgate, between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street station.

Principal Place is a mixed-use development with half an acre of public piazza and events space and 20,000 sq ft of retail.

Amazon has two other corporate offices in London including this one in Holborn. The other is located at Barbican.

Business Insider/Sam Shead

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