PHOTOS: Advertising Is Starting To Take Over Basketball Courts And Hockey Rinks

Hockey Ads

Photo: Sun Sports

While sponsors on sports uniforms and playing surfaces is an accepted part of sports throughout the world, the major sports leagues in North America have so far resisted the temptation, likely fearing backlash from the fans who consider the uniform and courts/ice/fields a sacred items that should not be soiled.But in recent years, logo-creep has invaded basketball and hockey arenas. For the most part, these ads have been kept off the players and the actual playing surface (with notable exceptions), but teams are using just about every inch of space outside of the playing surface to shove logos in your face.

And if this pace keeps up, it is just a matter of time before more ads creep on to the courts and the players.

Most of us are familiar with the standard ads along the scorers tables at basketball games

In the old days, the sign rotated. Now they are digital and quite bright

And if the court is raised, as it is at the University of Minnesota, the sign is laying down

Some arenas have gotten smart and placed these digital ads at the ends of courts where the cameras are most often focused

Another popular spot for ads at basketball games is on the backboard support

On the newer supports, there is a lot of real estate for ads

And some teams take advantage of that extra space

Of course, an ad on the court is acceptable if that is the name of the arena

The Iowa Hawkeyes have taken it a step further, selling the naming rights to the court at Carver-Hawkeye Arena

Although some are not afraid to put a true ad on the court, but just off the playing surface (Cub is a grocery store)

Some teams are starting to take advantage of these spaces to advertise their websites or twitter pages

And of course, don't forget odd spots like the backs of chairs

And some coaches take their sneaker contracts to the extreme

The Raptors have added these 3-D images to the court, but as of yet, they are ad-free

In hockey, logo creep is even more widespread

In addition to ads on the boards, ads on the ice are perfectly acceptable

Even the blue lines, extended up the boards, have ads (the centre line does also)

These illuminated ads are a recent phenomena in hockey arenas

It is amazing that these are not a distraction to the players

In hockey there are other opportunities to get logos on the ice, such as the goalie's water bottle

There are also the logos on the sweaters

As well as the equipment and the officials

Here is another equipment logo not often seen in other sports

And with the coaches on TV so much, it is only natural that logos surround them

Same for the penalty boxes

And this might be the strangest hockey ad, superimposed on the glass

Are there any strange ad placements that we missed? Let us know in the comments

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