Haunting photos of an abandoned waterpark in Vietnam

Vietnam abandoned waterparkNathan Eights PhotographyHo Thuy Tien is one of backpackers’ best-kept secrets.

The INSIDER Summary:

• Ho Thuy Tien is an abandoned waterpark in Vietnam that was built in 2004.

• It’s not on any maps — backpackers share its location through word of mouth.

• Attractions include a three-story dragon and winding water slides.

Part of the fun of travelling is stumbling upon hidden treasures where the sense of adventure is heightened by a hint of danger.

Just five miles outside of town, Ho Thuy Tien offers a crumbling playground for anyone who loves wandering through abandoned places. The short-lived waterpark (built in 2004 to the tune of $3 million dollars) is now an unofficial must-see destination for backpackers in Southeast Asia.

Nathan Peauril of Nathan Eights Photography captured these photos of the now-defunct amusement park.

Ho Thuy Tien is an abandoned waterpark outside of Huong Thuy town in Hue, Vietnam.

It opened in 2004, before construction was actually completed, then shut down a few years later.

It reportedly cost $3 million to build.

The park doesn't show up on maps of the area.

Backpackers have made it famous through word of mouth.

Now, locals station themselves by the gate and ask for an entrance fee.

The first thing visitors see when they enter is an enormous, three-story dragon.

It almost seems like it could roar to life at any moment.

It keeps watch over the abandoned aquarium.

A labyrinth of empty passageways snakes through its body.

Visitors can climb a set of stairs through its ribcage, and up into its mouth for an aerial view of the park.

From inside the beast's mouth, one can get a full view of Ho Thuy Tien in all its glory.

The park is situated around a small lake.

Its three winding water slides are slowly being overtaken by surrounding foliage.

Crocodiles used to live in the water at the bottom of the slides.

Travellers reported them and PETA stepped in to help them find new homes.

An abandoned amphitheater also sits in ruins.

Adventurous visitors from all over the world leave their mark with graffiti.

It's safe to say that the park is more popular now than it ever was when it was open.

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