PHOTOS: A Strange New Guinness World Record Was Broken Last Night

Guinness Book of World Records Curtseying, the london hotel

Photo: Meredith Galante/Business Insider

To generate excitement about the upcoming summer Olympic Games in London, London & Partners, the organisation that promotes tourism for London, recently launched a campaign to break 20 Guinness World Records between now and the start of the games.We were on hand at the London Hotel in New York last night when the group sought to set one of those records: The Guinness World Record of Longest Curtsey Relay.

The group of 80 men and women had five minutes to curtsey more than 150 times to break the record. 

The Guinness judicator and an etiquette expert walked around to ensure each curtsey was up to par and done correctly.

This was the scene when we arrived at the London Hotel. London & Partners lots of friends to the event.

Gordon Innes, CEO of London & Partners began the festivities by talking about what London & Partners has planned leading up to the games.

Then Mike Janela from Guinness got on stage and gave a presentation about some of the world records previously set.

He asked two people to volunteer to hold their breath for as long as they could. They held it for about 21 seconds. The world record is more than 20 minutes.

Then we were introduced to William, who is a 22-year-old etiquette expert from London. Guinness flew him in just for the event.

Here William shows the crowd a proper curtsey. It's not a big, swooping motion, like in the movies.

William had the crowd try.

This lady did it the best.

And this man did it the worst.

Then the official Guinness judicator, Kim, was called in. She and William decided whether the curtseys counted.

Everyone was all lined up and ready to go.

There was a back up judicator in case Kim needed some help.

And the curtseying begins!

There was some fancy footwork going on.

Everyone clapped when the time limit expired.

The Guinness team met to decide if the record was broken correctly.

And they did it! The new world record for longest curtsey relay was set at 314 curtseys.

Obsessed with Guinness?

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