PHOTOS: Inside The New Sydney Office For Atlassian, Australia's Greatest Tech Success

Atlassian, Australia’s tech pin-up company, is an operation the country’s aspiring startups look up to and dream to one day emulate its successes.

Part of the company’s special sauce is its no bullsh*t culture, amazing perks – including a paid vacation before you start – and funky, well thought-out office spaces.

After taking on a $US60 million investment from venture capital firm Accel Partners in 2010 and existing investors buying more stock this year which gave the company a valuation of about $3.5 billion, Atlassian is on a mission to scale. It’s hiring at a phenomenal speed and currently has more than 150 roles needing to be filled in Sydney alone before the financial year is out.

Atlassian was named Australia’s best place to work this year and since securing the title the number of applications it receives has doubled from 100 to more than 200 a week, the company’s APAC recruitment boss Caitriona Staunton told Business Insider.

In the 12 months to June this year the company upped its headcount by more than 300 people to over 1,000 employees sitting all around the world.

Business Insider got a tour this week of the latest addition to Atlassian’s expanding Sydney office – level 9 of the Westpac Building near Martin Place. The floor has just been renovated and staff are still moving in so here’s the first glimpse.

Atlassian reception

Entering the lift to go up to level 9 - the latest addition to Atlassian's Sydney office.

Walking down a white, understated corridor passed a couple of financial services companies heading towards Atlassian's new space.

You wouldn't guess Atlassian had an office here.

The whole floor has been designed so it can be flexible.

Power boards hang from tracks on the ceiling and all the walls can be moved around.

Here's what it looks like when staff move in

Big screens with real-time analytics, communal desks and an open plan space.

Even the meeting rooms are on castors so they can be relocated with a moment's notice.

And of course you can write all over the walls.

There's a library.

In the middle of level 9, where Atlassian's purchasing team is currently sitting, is an old school room which is designed to look like a library or maybe more like a cigar lounge.

It's a quiet zone.

Just like in a real library, the Atlassian library is a no talking zone. Funny thing: Even though there was no one using the space when we walked through, we all started whispering.

That view

Perched above Martin Place in Sydney, the Atlassian office has a killer view of the CBD.

The new level 9 kitchen.

While it's not as fancy as the one downstairs, it's convenient and saves Atlassian employees having to make the trip down to level 6 for a cup of tea.

They really do write on all the walls

Another Atlassian team meeting room with writing all over the walls.

They draw on them too.

Someone got a little creative with a whiteboard on level 9 with this drawing which includes the Atlassian catch-cry 'ship-it'.

And now a look at the rest of the Sydney office...

There's a bar complete with boutique beers on tap - including Shenanigans which is brewed by a former Atlassian employee.

A fully stocked kitchen

The kitchen is stocked with ice creams, a bunch of snacks, drinks and lunch and breakfast stuff so staff can eat until they can eat no more.

Plenty of room to eat.

Atlassian's lunch room is this big, industrial space with high ceilings and big windows looking out over the city. It's furnished with big long lunch tables and feels like the cafeteria at school.

It's all about the pool room...

A full sized billiards table (which people were actually using when we walked through!) and portraits of the company's founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar hanging on the wall - watching every shot.

Mike Cannon-Brookes, in all his painted glory, has gone straight to the pool room.

Scott Farquhar - an artist's impression - also hanging in the pool room.

All the bobble heads.

If you hit 10 years at Atlassian you get immortalised as a bobble head and placed on the mantle piece in the pool room.

So many games.

Atlassian's lunch room is full of board and video games. There's even an arcade game in the corner which was developed by an Atlassian staffer.

And of course, it wouldn't be a tech office without giant jenga.

House rules - if you touch a piece you have to commit and everyone knows when you pull the wrong one.

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