We Got An Unbelievable Aerial Tour Of Seattle By Seaplane [PHOTOS]

Seattle seaplane rideJaguar Land RoverWe took an aerial tour of Seattle in a seaplane.

Last month, we headed out to Seattle to
test out Jaguar’s first new sports carin nearly 40 years, the F-Type.

After about five hours of driving, we were nowhere near the city, so Jaguar Land Rover chartered us a flight back into town, on a De Havilland Otter Seaplane.

We flew with Kenmore Air, which offers narrated, 20-minute scenic flight tours of Seattle for $US99 per person.

While our flight wasn’t narrated, we got a great look at the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and Seattle’s best landmarks.

Disclosure: Jaguar Land Rover paid for our travel to Seattle and lodging expenses to drive the 2014 F-Type.

Our ride started at the Alderbrook Resort Spa in Washington, where ours was not the only seaplane.

The flight to Seattle is short -- about 20 minutes. The much less direct drive would take an hour and a half.

We were a group of several dozen people, so we left in three shifts.

The first flight taxied out to the middle of the water, then took off.

40 minutes later, the plane was back, and it was our turn to climb aboard.

The De Havilland Otter Seaplane has just five rows, with two seats each.

Just about everyone on board broke out a camera for the flight.

There's little sound insulation, so you can't hear much besides the propeller blades. Ear plugs were a good idea.

After taxing for a bit, we were ready to take off.

The Otter flies at a low altitude, so we got some great views of northwest Washington.

And we spotted some more mundane things, like a schoolbus parking lot.

Not sure what's going on here.

Not our landing spot.

Things got good again once we were over Seattle. That's the famous Space Needle.

The crazy-looking building is the EMP Museum, dedicated to music, sci-fi, and pop culture.

The neon globe on the former home of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was made an official landmark last year, and donated to the Museum of History and Industry, which will relocate and refurbish it.

(Source: Seattle P-I)

We got a great look at the Seattle skyline.

The flight ended with a smooth landing on Seattle's Lake Union.

Now see what we thought of the car.

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