PHOTOS: A look inside Danish software company Zendesk's Melbourne office

Welcome, this is Zendesk Melbourne.

Zendesk moved into Melbourne last year.

If you haven’t heard of it before, the Danish software company, founded in 2007, provides a cloud-based customer support platform for business.

The Melbourne base, designed by Blitz, an architecture and interior design firm specialising in workplace fit outs, incorporates a Danish design element known as “hygge” (pronounced as HUE-gah).

Though there are many ways to describe hygge, Zendesk sees it simply as the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

The result of the design strategy is chic office space with abundance of natural light, comfort and collaboration spaces.

What a way to work.

Here’s a look at the semi-new digs, and why design is so important to the folks at Zendesk.

The entry

Ben Jones Photography

Located on 395 Collins Street, Zendesk's Melbourne office is in a heritage building, seen in the glimpses of original exposed ceiling and walls.

The office space

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Approximately 2400 sqm in size spanning three floors and a lower ground event and meeting space, it can house up to approximately 200 employees.

The atrium

Ben Jones Photography

The work stations

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Zendesk’s offices around the globe apply the same design strategy; airy, humble, uncomplicated and hygge.

The meeting rooms.

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The meeting rooms have quirky names such as Claw, Chicken, Egg, Ranch, and Bonsai.


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The names were developed in the early days of Zendesk, and are based around the theme of items 'The Mentor' might take with him on a trip (e.g., Coin, Rope, Grappling Hook). At that time, Zendesk was just starting out as a company, and we liked the idea of preparing for the road ahead.

Quirky room names

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As we grew and expanded into more offices—and more office space—we needed a way to make that system scale. So we came up with the idea of 'exploding' the original conference room namesakes into their component parts. For example, Chicken became Beak, Feather, Claw, Egg, and so on.

What came first? The chicken?

Ben Jones Photography

Fountain, our meeting space, is the one exception to this rule. Fountain was picked by Mikkel as the name for the original 'all hands' meeting space. He liked that the image of a fountain evokes a large plaza or public gathering space, while also providing a suggestion of tranquility.

Or, the egg?

Ben Jones Photography

We're still not sure.

Other spaces offer a more relaxed setting

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Zendesk takes pride in making its offices comfortable.

'We want all our employees to experience and enjoy the space we have created for them both during work and off work. We believe by investing in the space our employees feel inspired to come to work daily,' Amy Foo, VP of Finance and Ops, Asia Pacific said.

Why you ask?

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Zendesk says the open plan layout with a lot of collaboration spaces makes employees feel at home and cultivate teamwork.

'Our employees have commented how the space has increased their productivity and creative ideas,' Foo said.

The decor plays an important role too

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Most of the structures made from Australian-sourced materials, and the white and natural light gives the office an airy, uncomplicated feel.

As do the subtle touches.

Ben Jones Photography

While all of Zendesk’s offices embed the same design concept, they also have a touch of flare from the local city.

Feeling active?

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As well as offering employees with a healthy lifestyle, the company's fridges are stocked with drinks, fruits, bread, spreads and dips, healthy bars, ice creams, among a long list of snacks.

Go for a ride

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Not to mention happy hour end of week at our lower ground bar located in the 'Fountain' space.

Perfect way to end a ride around the city after work!

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