PHOTOS: A freak storm turned Australia's Red Centre into a white winter wonderland

That’s just crazy. Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/ Getty.

A wild hail storm has tranformed Australia’s Red Centre into a winter wonderland.

Alice Springs’ red earth was blanketed with white ice over the weekend, in what the Bureau of Meteorology could only describe as “unusual”.

The hailstones themselves were only small and posed no threat. But they entertained locals and tourists who took the opportunity to capture the phenomenon on camera.

Weatherzone reported the hail was triggered by a shortwave low-pressure zone which caused temperatures to plummet four degrees in an hour, after a high of 24C.

“A sudden drop in pressure along with above average temperatures triggered this event,” the weather website said.

“The atmosphere was already quite unstable, primed for isolated thunderstorms. However, hail formed due to a relatively cool pool of air aloft along with a dry socket of air.

“Additionally, the presence of vertical wind shear aided in supporting the hail as it formed in the atmosphere. As the hail became bigger, the updraft was no longer able to support it size and hail fell.”

Here’s some of the great pics snapped by those caught in the freak event:

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