10 Incredible Photos Of Olympic Table Tennis

Photo Olympic table tennis

Photo: Getty Images/Feng Li

Although some people watch table tennis every four years out of sheer curiosity it’s still one of the most overlooked Olympic sports.Perhaps it’s the misconception that it’s simply a better version of your standard basement ping pong game.

Or because the ball is going too fast to follow.

But Olympic table tennis matches are incredibly epic back-and-forth battles that leave the athletes drained both mentally and physically.

We put together some of the best photos taken by Feng Li of Getty Images to illustrate how crazy Olympic table tennis can be.

Jun Mizutani of Japan

Saehyuk Joo of South Korea

Ning Ding of China

Timo Boll of Germany

Wang Hao of China

Multiple exposure photo of Singapore's Tianwei Feng

Yuegu Wang of Singapore

Michael Maze of Denmark

Ning Gao of Singapore

Another shot of China's Ning Ding, this time in multiple exposure

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