PHOTOS: 15,000 people protest lockout laws in Keep Sydney Open rally

Photo: Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images.

Thousands of people are taking to the streets in Sydney to protest against the city’s lockout laws.

Organisers of the Keep Sydney Open rally say that at least 15,000 people are attending the protests today.

Some of the “controversial” laws that have been criticised include the 1.30am lockout for venues in Sydney’s CBD as well as the 3am cutoff to purchase drinks.

Critics say the current legislation has led to the closure of many iconic bars in Sydney, especially in King’s Cross, destroying Sydney’s nightlife and turning the city into a “ghost town”.

Here are some photos from the rally:

The event began at midday today at Belmore Park in Central.

The protests were organised in response to the growing discontent behind Sydney’s ‘controversial’ laws on alcohol.

Many people got creative with their placards…

… especially with NSW premier Mike Baird.

The event even saw people bringing along their own instruments with some spontaneous performances on the streets.

It has also drawn the support of big name artists such as Flume who called on his fans to attend the event today.

A review by the Baird government into the current legislation is taking place this month.

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