REAL OR FAKE: These Computer-Generated Images Look Like Photographs


Photo: Tomas Kral

CGTrader, a marketplace for 3D artists, modelers, and engineers, has rounded up a collection of stunning computer-generated imagery.These are pictures created by professionals in the field, and the end results look like photographs.

But nothing you’re about to see is real.

This little creature is called a vespid

A luxurious interior room

The texture of this bread looks tremendously realistic

This artist created a classroom scene and gave it different lighting treatments

Here's a different part of the same classroom with a different lighting treatment

This image used a toy car as a subject

This lamp is the artist's first still life image

This tricycle is meant to summon up memories of childhood

This artist began making this image as a texture test, but went ahead and turned it into a finished picture

A vintage camera

A gorgeous ice environment

A super-realistic iguana

This astronaut model is dedicated to Neil Armstrong

A caricature of Winston Churchill

This artist learned everything he knows about 3D modelling from the internet

Did you notice the spiderweb in the corner?

This picture is made up of 12 million polygons

So simple, yet completely computer-generated

An alien monster!

A simulation of an ecosystem, working together such that all organisms are taken care of

A 3D take on Phillips Exeter Academy's Library

A beautiful old violin

A luxurious bedroom interior

Airborne citrus

An elegant and minimal apartment studio

Spooky masks

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