An Up Close Look At Roman Abramovich's $1.5 Billion Superyacht The 'Eclipse'

Abramovich Eclipse Pier 90 NYC 15

There’s rich, and then there’s the superyacht rich.

And yachts don’t get any more super than Roman Abramovich‘s 553-foot $1 billion plus flagship the Eclipse.

The Eclipse is currently docked at Manhattan’s Pier 90 and we went down over the weekend to have ourselves a look.

The following photos show a bit of what more than $1 billion plus buys in a personal motor yacht these days.

The Coast Guard referred us to this website where we pinpointed the ship's position and confirmed it hadn't sailed.

536-feet long and styled after military vessels, we simply had to take a look.

The 2010 Eclipse cost up to $1.5 billion and was the world's largest yacht until recently.

The vessel has amenities to rival any ship on the sea — like its own mini submersible, perhaps similar to this— able to dive down 150-feet.

The Eclipse has two helipads.

Bullet proof glass and armour plates wrapping the length of Roman's master suite and the bridge.

And a German built missile defence system.

The ship's also supposed to have a laser defence against paparazzi trying to photograph the yacht's guests, but saw no evidence of the device when we were there.

The Eclipse has three launch boats.

That looked to be stocked with medical supplies and a variety of handheld radios.

From the cruise ship parking lot it felt like we were almost on the Eclipse itself.

But with little chance we'd be invited aboard through the ship's door here ...

... We hoped to find one of the 70 crew members required to sail the Eclipse and see if they'd tell us what ship life was like.

But we found no one interested in talking.

But we certainly didn't feel like paparazzi, or that we'd be lasered, when we were in the parking lot tourists use when they arrive to board their cruise.

From up here the ship was simply stunning and the amount of work required to keep her that way apparent.

The Yacht Report says owning a superyacht costs about 20% of the ship's initial value every year.

But experts believe that Roman probably pays $75 million a year to run the private cruise ship with 24-guest suites.

Looking at the layout of the ship gets us talking about the two swimming pools inside, the disco, cinema, hair salon, and restaurant.

The billionaire's guests would use this door to enter any fore part of the deck.

Perhaps noting where the life rings were as they made their way about the ship.

At 13,000 gross tons the Eclipse is the largest vessel to use a special stabilisation system to keep it calm in rough waters while anchored or moving slowly through the sea.

Roman will face a $150,000 tab for parking the Eclipse here while possibly visiting his daughter and her new baby — about $2,000 a day.

A large yacht like the Eclipse can hold over 100,000 gallons of fuel.

That fuel burns at about $3,000 per hour making a five hour cruise each way, about $30,000.

None of those numbers are likely to concern Roman Abramovich, however, who has an estimated net worth of more than $10 billion.

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