Photographic Proof: No One Buying Music Games

We stopped by Circuit City at Manhattan’s Lincoln Square on the way into work today, currently amidst a massive liquidation sale. Kind of a depressing site, the store was down to its “open box as is” HDTVs, DSLR cameras and lenses were mostly gone, and only a handful of PCs were left.

But one thing was easy to find: Music games Rock Band (VIA, ERTS) and especially Guitar Hero (ATVI), with columns of units just refusing to sell depsite steep discounts and a heavy trafffic among bargain-hungry consumers. (It’s the same story at Circuit City’s Union Square and Upper West Side stores.) All the more evidence of what we saw in our review of January game sales this morning: The music game fad is over.

But music games aren’t Circuit City’s only “won’t move at any price” items: The store also had hundreds of copies of “Kung Fu Panda” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” DVDs on the shelves.