A photographer captured the exact moment a squirrel stopped to smell a daisy

Dick Van DuijnA photographer captured the exact moment a squirrel stopped to smell a daisy.

Photographer Dick Van Duijn captured the exact moment a squirrel stopped to smell a yellow daisy.

Dick Van DuijnVan Duijn spent hours waiting for the perfect moment.

Van Duijn, 34, told Insider that he travelled from the Netherlands to Vienna, Austria, so that he could photograph ground squirrels.

It took him two hours and 200 photos to capture the picture-perfect moment.

One photo shows the squirrel touching the flower, curiously examining it.

Dick Van DuijnVan Duijn said it was hard not to get distracted by the many ‘curious squirrels’ around him.

“There were a lot of curious squirrels, so it was hard not to photograph them,” he said. “To capture one with a flower like this took a lot of patience and shots.”

The next picture shows the squirrel clutching the flower to its chest, closing its eyes as it takes in the scent.

Dick Van DuijnBut the photographer managed to capture this picture-perfect moment.

“The moment the squirrel smelled the flower and planted his face in the flower, I knew this was the picture of a lifetime!” Van Duijn said.

Van Duijn also captured the moment the squirrel leaned in to take a bite of the daisy after smelling it.

Dick Van DuijnAfter smelling the flower, the squirrel decided to have a nibble.

Van Duijn said it was an incredible thing to witness and capture on camera.

“I felt really happy and satisfied with the shot,” he added.

Van Duijn’s photos have since gone viral across the globe. He believes their popularity is partly due to people’s disconnect from nature.

Dick Van DuijnVan Duijn said he hopes his photos have reminded people about how beautiful nature can be.

“I think people don’t spend enough time in nature because of the lifestyle we have developed in the west,” he said.

“When people are reminded about how beautiful and cute nature can be, they will feel better about themselves and the world around them.”

Van Duijn said he hopes his photos will inspire people “to go out and visit nature more often.”

Dick Van DuijnVan Duijn said nature will provide him inspiration ‘for a lifetime.’

Nature is endless, so the subjects for my pictures are endless as well,” the photographer said. “You can never finish photographing all that there is to see.”

“That provides me with inspiration for a lifetime.”

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