This Photobombing Dog Is The Best Thing To Happen To Craigslist Probably Ever

craigslist photobombing dogHe’s in every single photo.

This photobombing dog who has infiltrated an apartment ad is the shining light of the endless pit of soul-crushing despair that is house-hunting on Craigslist.

Usually the Craigslist process is a nightmare: “steps away from the city centre” translates to 13 miles, potential roommates will offer free utilities in exchange for foot massages (or other weird deals), and owners are often “on a mission” in some exotic location and require the wiring of a hefty sum before you get the key— maybe provide your social security number, too.

But this photobombing dog, who magically pops up in every single photo of a seemingly normal Chicago apartment for rent, almost makes Craigslisting worth it.

Apartment hunting can be painful on Craigslist. And this ad starts out like countless others: description, map, innocuous photo of pet-friendly living room.

But wait, what's this? There's something lurking in the kitchen.

Who cares if there's a living room and a dining nook? This dog will not be ignored.

Much like Santa, he's sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake.

Seriously, these people need an award.

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