PHOTO: Watch out for redback spiders in your veggies

Photo: Dee Nott/ Facebook.

This Queensland woman found a redback spider in a piece of broccoli she bought from a Woolworths supermarket.

Dee Nott from the Gold Coast posted this picture to the Woolworths Facebook page over the weekend.

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“Hi team Woolworths. I just had a nasty surprise – a live redback spider in my broccoli purchased today at your Runaway Bay store,” she wrote with the photo.

“I am lucky it did not bite me as I washed it. I plan to take in the critter (now frozen) and my receipt tomorrow. I thought I should mention it in case there is an infestation.”

It’s an unusual find considering redbacks are normally found in dry habitats such as letter boxes, undersides of seats, and other dark areas.

If bitten by a redback, the pain can be excruciating and the venom has been known to cause death, although no deaths have been recorded in Australia since antivenom was developed in 1956. More than 250 cases receive antivenom each year.

The supermarket said they were very concerned about the incident and asked her to contact them immediately.

Only in Australia.