Take A Look Inside The New Cadillac ATS That's Giving Luxury Cars A Run For Their Money

2013 cadillac ats

Photo: Alex Davies

Cadillac has a big plan to return to the top of the luxury market now dominated by foreign brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, and the all-new ATS is a crucial part of it.To prove the once-great brand is back in business, GM gave me a Premium 3.6L ATS (worth $50,035) for a weekend.

I used the opportunity to drive from New York to Boston and back. Over the nearly 500 miles on the car, I got to test out all its features, and really see how it compares to the best.

Read my full review to see how it stacks up, and take a look at the photos from my test drive to see for yourself.

The 3.6L engine produces 321 hp, and its 5.4 second 0 to 60 mph time matches that of the BMW 335i.

The ATS is a big part of Cadillac's plan to compete with luxury makes like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW.

The Premium model I drove had the Cadillac logo and name all over.

When air is not needed to cool the engine, grille shutters automatically close to maximise aerodynamics.

The side mirrors are also designed for aerodynamics and to reduce wind noise. It seems to work — the car is nearly silent inside.

The rear spoiler is built into the brake lamp.

There are three driving modes. I spent most of my time in Tour, and did not see much of a difference in Sport.

Manual mode uses paddle shifters on the steering wheel. They're not nearly as fun as driving with a real stick shift.

The ATS comes with 18-inch rims.

There are a lot of buttons and switches to control how the car drives, in addition to the CUE system.

The 10 Bose speakers placed throughout the ATS make the most out of the satellite and Pandora radio.

The back seat is not very spacious.

With the driver's seat where I like it, there's hardly room for a rear passenger's knees.

The trunk is spacious, and had more than enough room for our luggage.

The CUE infotainment system's touch screen controls navigation, satellite radio, and more.

When the car is in reverse, the screen provides a display from the rear view camera.

The voice recognition system does not understand addresses well, but the navigation system itself is excellent.

The Head Up Display can project a variety of information on the windshield. It's especially useful for navigation directions, which show up as arrows.

What information it displays can be controlled with buttons to the left of the steering wheel.

Basic controls, including volume, radio station, and voice commands, have buttons on the steering wheel.

Having a heated steering wheel may be frivolous, but it's nice on a chilly day.

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