Step Inside The $US21 Million Learjet 85, The Biggest, Fastest Learjet Ever Made [PHOTOS]

By the end of 2013, Bombardier should be ready to put its latest private jet, the Learjet 85, into the air for the first time.

About a year after that, if all goes well, deliveries will begin. But those who can’t wait to get on board the largest, tallest, widest Learjet ever, will have to go through Flexjet.

The fractional private jet company is the first, exclusive customer for the $US20.8 million Learjet 85. Over five years, the company will take delivery of 30 of the planes.

Flexjet customers can charter single flights, buy a “jet card” that works like a debit card, or purchase a fractional ownership.

A 1/16 share of the Learjet 85, good for 50 hours in the air per year for five years, runs for $US1.1 million.

We checked out the Learjet 85 at a Flexjet event on the Intrepid, the aircraft carrier-turned-museum.

It was technically a mockup -- note the lack of wings. But the interior is accurate.

Bombardier's use of composite materials for the fuselage allow for a wider cabin and bigger windows.

But the ceiling is still low -- I'm 5'11', and I couldn't stand straight up.

The cabin is fully customisable. Flexjet will use a double club setup, with two sets of four seats.

That means no sofa for its customers. For those who want to sleep, the regular seats fully recline.

There are a few television screens scattered throughout the cabin.

The interior of the 85 is well thought out, with little things like two cup holders for each seat.

As well as a USB port.

There are no overhead bins, but each seat has a sizeable drawer built into the bottom.

There's one in the sofa, too.

And there's lots of space for bigger luggage at the back of the jet.

No plastic cups here.

The lavatory looks like something you'd find in a nice hotel.

No, this isn't an extra seat.

It's the toilet.

And the toilet paper is hidden away. Classy.

Bombardier made life better for the pilots, too. The cockpit screens are bigger and simpler.

Each pilot gets a head up display, which make crucial information more visible.

And an iPad.

Bombardier is planning the first test flight of the Learjet 85 for later this year, and Flexjet should start flying the plane about a year after that.

Now see a nice way to fly economy.

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