PHOTOS: We Took A Tour Inside Facebook's 'Mini Palo Alto' Headquarters

Silicon Valley is awash with extravagant workplaces but Facebook’s is low key and village-like.

The main part of campus was built to resemble downtown Palo Alto. With 1 million-square-feet of space, the campus is spacious, but the number of people walking around make it feel more intimate. It’s casual, but well-planned.

We visited Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters in March as the trees were blooming. The following pictures offer a glimpse of what it’s like working inside the social network.

Facebook's new Menlo Park headquarters is a sprawling compound of buildings that once belonged to Sun Microsystems.

As massive as it is, the campus only supports 3,600 commuting vehicles so the company buses in workers where it can.

Source: ZDNet

Employees arrive to work here in a variety of ways.

Some ways are more plush than others.

Immediately inside the new Facebook compound is this small green space where the Facebook foxes were born.

Source: Facebook

The Facebook foxes had two cubs who still appear on campus.

The foxes have since relocated to the nearby salt flats, we're told.

The flats are just beyond Facebook's parking lot. A trail opens up there to let workers go for a run during the day.

Inside the work space buildings, employees are encouraged to decorate walls however they like.

When an engineer walked by this mural being painted, he told the artist his snippet of code was gibberish and gave the painter actual Facebook code to include.

For its bolder wall art, Facebook hired David Choe to decorate its walls. This is Munko, Choe's buck-toothed whale.

Source: Vice

CEO Mark Zuckerberg chose Choe specifically.

Choe is so popular that a three-foot by one-foot painting commands nearly $US25,000. But he refused cash to paint Facebook's walls.

Source: David Choe Art

Choe instead opted for stock options in exchange for his work. Following Facebook's IPO, the stock was worth $US200 million.

This mural is made of LEGOs.

And this electronic wall in one of the dining areas scrolls 'Make It Happen' in letters several feet high.

Maybe the best thing about the art at Facebook's new headquarters is that it's always a surprise.

Like the yellow brick road that got laid after a new coffee shop started drawing pedestrian traffic across the grass.

The coffee shop is just one of many places to eat and drink available to Facebook employees at no charge.

Harvest is the place for salads.

Teddy's Nachos is supposed to have one of the best burritos in the Bay area. The heart of campus here is styled after downtown Palo Alto.

Source: Yelp

There's a burger place, which smells amazing.

And a medley of cafeterias places for employees to grab a free meal.

It's tough to find a Facebook employee who doesn't seem to enjoy where they work.

But then, this is a place where even the interns make $US67,000 a year.

Salon haircuts are not free, but they are very convenient.

Vending machines scattered around the work spaces dispense computer related items, also free of charge.

Many small group seating areas dot the buildings. The decor is eclectic.

Employees may also enjoy auto maintenance at work ... and auto detailing.

Despite appearances, people here work hard.

Facebook may seem casual, but its goals are not. Zuckerberg wants to, 'connect everyone, understand the world and help build the knowledge economy.'

Source: Seeking Alpha

That was a slice of life at Facebook.

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