PHOTO: This Incredible Satellite Image Shows The Scar Left On The Land From The South Australia Fire

The Sampson Flat fire, burning near Adelaide since last Friday, had grown to a 223km perimeter, burning more than 12547 hectares by early today.

The fire is so massive that the scar it left on the land can be seen from space. Up to 32 houses and 125 outhouses and sheds have been destroyed or severely damaged.

Photo: Geoscience Australia.

The United States Geological Survey’ Landsat-8 satellite took the image at 11:30am on 4 January and sent it to Geoscience Australia.

A spokersperson for Geoscience Australia says:

“[It] shows the active fire front at the top-right of the image, appearing red with white smoke plumes. Burnt areas appear as dark brown below the fire front. Light brown areas are dry grass, while greens indicate crops, forests and irrigated areas. Several large reservoirs appear as black.”

To put things in perspective, Country Fire Service chief officer Greg Nettleton said the area burnt is almost the equivalent of the road length between Sydney and Canberra.

Geoscience Australia also uses satellites to map “hotspots”, which are delivered through the Sentinel application, a national bushfire monitoring system. See the hotspots around Australia here.

Meanwhile residents in the Mount Lofty Ranges near Adelaide remain on a Watch And Act alert as the fire danger continues.

There are no fatalities, however SA Ambulance Service reported 134 “episodes of treatment”. One man remains in a serious condition at the Royal Adelaide Hospital after a tree fell on him.

Currently 85% of the fire perimeter has been contained.

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