PHOTO: This five-foot, monster goanna was found climbing a house in NSW

Now that’s a goanna. Photo: Eric Holland via The Border Mail.

If you have experienced a summer in Australia, it’s more than likely that you’ve spent a warm weekend with family or friends in a national park, rolling out the old picnic rug and firing up the barbeque.

Such occassions are usually marked with the sighting of a kookaburra, or a wallaby, and maybe even a prehistoric-looking, but relatively harmless goanna — well, you think they would be harmless because they’re aren’t very big.

Not the case. Apparently they can grow — and climb houses.

A resident of Thurgoona, on the southern border of NSW, recently found a five-foot Lace Monitor goanna climbing up the side of his home.

“I was just doing a repair job in my shed when I opened the door and I saw this huge thing run across the ground and out of sight,” Eric Holland told Fairfax Media.

“When I went outside I saw him on the side of the house with his tail hitting the drain pipe.

“I sometimes get blue tongues and lizards in the backyard but never anything quite like this.”

Lace Monitors can grow to around two metres in length and weigh up to 20 kilograms.

See the photo sent to The Border Mail here.

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