PHOTO: This creepy looking sea creature was found washed up near a lake in Australia

Australia has its fair share of strange animals.

While most of the crazy creatures are found on land, many originate from the ocean including enormous sharks and land-feeding string rays.

But this strange looking animal has many stumped.

What looks half crocodile, half eel, this sea monster scared the wits out of a local fisherman who found the beast washed ashore near a boat ramp in Lake Macquarie yesterday.

This is at swansea boat ramp. What the f*** is it ?, Ethan Tipper said in Facebook post.

Since Tipper posted the photo at midday yesterday it has been shared more than 2,500 times.

Australian Museum ichthyology manager Mark McGrouther has told local media outlets that the prehistoric looking animal appears to be a pike eel.

Pike eels are nocturnal animals that normally live in on soft-bottomed estuaries and coastal waters where they feed on benthic fishes and crustaceans.

The animal can grow to 1.8 metres in length.

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