PHOTO: The first two fans in line to enter the 2017 D23 expo

Roshawn Robinson and Akiva Henderson. Photo: Sarah Kimmorley

These diehard Disney fans were the first people in line to enter the D23 Expo, Disney’s annual convention in Anaheim, Los Angeles.

Both from the hosting city, 18-year-old Akiva Henderson and Roshawn Robinson, age undisclosed, arrived to line up outside the building just before 7am the day before the event opened.

And they weren’t alone. The next group in line arrive approximately 10 minutes after, followed by hundreds of people after that.

Living off peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, entertained by electronics and comforted by “pouch couches”, the pair were set to ride out the day and night before they could enter the expo at 9am on Friday.

When asked what they were most looking forward to the pair agreed it was all about the “exclusives” and visiting the Disney store that was on site.

While neither had been to the convention before, having only experience Comic Con, the two were excited for what was ahead of them.

According to the pair, those camping out are welcomed into the basement of the complex holding the event at 9pm to sleep. At 7am they are ushered to a waiting area, where they enter the expo hall from at 9am.

While many fans come dressed as their favourite characters, Henderson and Robinson hadn’t planned anything as such, although Henderson said she had a special green t-shirt featuring a gladiator to wear — appropriate considering her favourite Disney film is Hercules.

By 8pm the line was wrapped around the convention centre, longer than the eye could see.

Here are a couple of photos of those camping out to make sure they are the first to gain entry to the expo when it kicked off on Friday morning in the US.

Photo: Sarah Kimmorley
Photo: Sarah Kimmorley

D23, similar to the likes of Comic Con but dedicated to Disney products, attracts tens of thousand of people each year since it started in 2009.

*The author travelled to Los Angeles as a guest of Disney.