Over One Million Acres Destroyed In Texas Wildfires

Since April 6 wildfires have burned over 1 million acres in Texas. NASA just posted an incredible image of the damage, which it blames on weather:

The image illustrates one of the primary reasons fire danger is extremely high in Texas: strong winds. Warm temperatures, dry vegetation for fuel, and low humidity are also contributing to creating hazardous fire conditions. Normally a rainy month, March 2011 was the driest March on record, said the Texas Forest Service. Plentiful rains in 2010 spurred grass and shrubs to grow. The recent lack of rain, warm temperatures and low humidity has turned all of that vegetation into dry tinder, creating unprecedented fire danger.

The crisis continues today, as the National Guard enters Texas.


Photo: NASA

And here’s an image from April 10


Photo: NASA

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