People are loving this optical-illusion photo that makes Stephen Curry look tiny

  • A bizarre photo appeared to show a giant Klay Thompson towering over Stephen Curry on the Warriors bench during Game 2 of the NBA Finals.
  • The photograph perplexed fans who were curious as to how the shot was created.
  • As it turns out, Thompson was sitting on a cushion, creating the illusion that he was far taller Curry.
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The Golden State Warriors tied up the NBA Finals with a win against the Raptors on Sunday night, taking Game 2 of the series, 109-104.

While the Raptors’ unexpected box-and-1 defence created some problems for the Warriors, who were hamstrung by a series of injuries, Golden State still prevailed, holding off a late Toronto rally and tying the series 1-1 heading back to California.

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The Raptors used a high-school-style defence to slow down the Warriors, and it could become pivotal in crucial Game 3

The Warriors as always had plenty of highlights on the court, but the viral moment of the night came from a bizarre photo taken of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson as they sat next to each other on the team’s bench.

The photo, taken by Jesse D. Garrabrant, appears to show Thompson towering over a tiny Curry.

In reality, Thompson is listed as just 4 inches taller than Curry, but the photo warps the two players’ dimensions to a point where Thompson looks like a big man and Curry looks as if he should be playing in high school.

On Twitter, fans were confused as to what had happened to create such an odd image.

  • As it turns out, the answer was rather simple – Thompson was sitting on a cushion that propped him up much higher than Curry. Between the extra height and the angle of the photo, Thompson looked massive and Curry looked extra-diminutive.

The Warriors take the series back to Golden State with Game 3 on Wednesday night.

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