Here's A Spectacular Photo Of The SpaceX Rocket That Launched On Monday

Elon Musk’s commercial rocket company, SpaceX, successfully launched a satellite into orbit Monday night for Thai satellite operator Thaicom.

The launch involved the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. It delivered a satellite built by Virginia-based Orbital Sciences to a destination more than 55,000 miles above Earth, or about one-quarter of the way to the moon, reports Reuters’ Irene Klotz.

The rocket traveled for about 30 minutes before delivering the satellite, says SpaceX. This is one of about 50 SpaceX rocket missions the company has scheduled for government and commercial customers.

And, as you might imagine, the photos are spectacular. Here’s the Falcon 9 liftoff on Monday:

SpaceX Rocket LaunchSpaceXSpaceX Rocket Launch

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