The 10 Most Terrifying Photos Of synchronised Swimmers

2012 London Olympics synchronised swimming

Photo: Getty Images/Clive Rose

synchronised swimming at the 2012 London Olympics came to its triumphant end Friday when Russia took the gold, China the silver, and Spain the bronze.And even though that’s all nice and good, we can’t get over how downright frightening the faces these synchronised swimmers make can be.

We understand the sport is equal parts theatrics and incredible/creative swimming ability, but why do you have to make us cower in fear ladies?


This is theatrical.


These two are smiling, but those leotards/swimsuits are creepy

And this is how they prepare


If the girl in the front only knew what her partner was doing

If looks could kill

The make up is intense. Too intense.

They don't look human

But hey, they actually look good in real life

And it's not all bad, Kate Middleton enjoyed some synchro competition

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