Here is a photo of the duct-tape pressure cooker bomb used in the New York attacks

New York authorities confirmed to the New York Times that this photo on Twitter is the unexploded pressure cooker bomb found on West 27th Street in Manhattan on Saturday night.

The bomb was found by two state troopers who had fanned out to search the area after a first bomb exploded on West 23rd Street. The photo shows a pressure cooker with a mobile phone attached to it. Loose wires are sticking out of the device, which is partially wrapped in a trash can liner and held together with what looks like duct tape.

The first bomb injured 29 people in New York. Both bombs consisted of a pressure cooker, an old-school flip phone, Christmas lights, and “small bearings or metal BBs,” designed to inflict maximum damage and casualties. 

Authorities have identified a “person of interest” in the case. The FBI has questioned five different people in the case but no arrests have yet been made, according to the New York Times.

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