Photo Of Melodee Hanes: The Max Baucus Mistress Who May Have Killed Healthcare Reform

melodee hanes max baucus

Meet Melodee Hanes, a longtime staffer for Democratic Senator Max Baucus, who, it has been revealed, was also his mistress.

Baucus — architect of an alternative healthcare plan that wouldn’t involve a public option — idiotically thought he could get away with nominating her to a US Attorney position.


Even prior to this, the Baucus plan has been dead. The Democrats are betting full-on on the public option. But they can ill-afford to lose a single Senator. They have the bare minimum 60 votes.

This scandal isn’t just about a Senator cheating. It’s a political scandal involving abuse of power, which means it’s conceivable Baucus could be forced to resign. He can probably hang on long enough for the vote, but we wouldn’t want to have been in Harry Reid’s office (or the Oval Office) when this scandal broke.

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(Photo via the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council)

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