This Is Apparently A Picture Of Chinese Returning New Apple iPads Because No One Wants Them

A cottage industry has sprung up to take advantage of Apple’s rolling global launches of new products.

Basically, Chinese “importers” pay people to stand in lines in the U.S. to buy the latest iPhone or iPad and then ship the gadgets to China, where they can be sold at a huge mark-up because the gadgets aren’t yet available there.

For example, the Daily Mail just reported that smugglers shipped 200,000 new iPads to Shenzhen alone, where they’re now selling them for £995 each.

(I encountered one of these smuggling lines when I tried to buy an iPhone 4S a while back, and wrote about it here.)

But now this new business may be hitting a snag.

The photo and article below supposedly show Chinese people returning new iPads to an Apple Store after failing to sell them, with the implication being that there’s just not that much demand for them.

(I don’t speak Chinese, and this is a Google Translate version of the story. If the article does not, in fact, say this, please let me know.)

Here’s the Google Translate version. Click for the original:

China iPad Returns

Photo: China Gate

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