MP3 Players Now Get A Throwaway Bin Right Next To The Trash And Recycling

MP3 players are so 10 years ago. Devices that run apps outperform them in nearly every way imaginable.

Don’t believe me? Check out the above sign of the times: the recycling bins at the Target in Colma, California, offering separate options for trash; plastic or aluminium; plastic bags; and, finally, MP3 players, which customers can responsibly toss away along with their old mobile phones and spent printer-ink cartridges.

We like this image, because too often people forget to recycle electronics that not even Goodwill accepts. We also like it because it’s a nice demonstration of how, 10 years after the original iPod came out, digital music is shifting past the standalone hardware MP3 player, which allows it to do everything from help you drive more safely while listening to music to custom-tailor your news based on your music.

mp3 player recycling bin ipod

Thanks for the photo, Eric Meyerson, and we’d like to remind our other readers: If you see something, let us know.